Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blade Steak

Definition: Blade steak is a cut of meat from the shoulder section of either beef or pork.

Beef blade steak is a steak cut from the beef chuck. Beef blade steak is a relatively tough cut of meat, with a seam of connective tissue running through the center. Beef blade steak is best prepared by braising.

See also: Flat Iron Steak

Pork blade steak is cut from the Boston butt pork primal. Pork blade steak is slightly more tender than beef blade steak, so it can be grilled. But braising is probably a preferred cooking technique for the pork blade steak as well.

Whether beef or pork, blade steak is a relatively inexpensive cut of meat.

Also Known As: Beef blade steaks are also known as:
  • Chuck steak
  • Bottom chuck steak
  • Under blade steak
  • Book steak
  • Lifter steak
  • Petite steak
Pork blade steaks are sometimes called pork steaks or pork shoulder steaks.

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